Thursday, April 14, 2005

Lucian Freud's Self-Portrait

Lucian Freud
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Lucian Freud's new self-portrait has gone on display at the National Portrait Gallery in London. It portrays the rather surprised artist in his studio with a naked female admirer clutching his leg. I would like to point out that, my adoration of Freud's work aside, it is not me.

The Guardian has assembled some critics to discuss the relationship between the male artist and the female model. I particularly like the comment likening the model to a faithful labrador.


fella said...

my boy paints your boy '65

yet again
on an orange couch that i wish was mine '65

and in '64 he saw this

and in '85 this

Sarah said...

I know you love your Bacon, and I do too, but I must say that sometimes the distorted faces (like the '85 portrait) freak me out. Just call me a realist...

chico speaking for fella said...

hmmm lovely non-chav of Brighton,

A realist, meaning that you truly think/believe in the possibilty of seeing yourself clearly, without any distortion? Why shouldn't a chance glimpse of clarity freak you out more than anything else.... In one moment, captured, everything you are? Without question...
Clarity is simply an IDEA

hmmm Distortion as truth
yes.... gooooooo Bacon!!!