Monday, April 18, 2005

My So-Called Life

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This is where I have been sitting for the past seven days and nights. Thank you jetlag, thank you Ph.D chapter deadline.

In my frenzy of notes, drafts, and endless hours of staring at a computer screen waiting for just the right word to come to me, I have discovered that I have become emotionally dependent on a few things. My two nalgene water bottles (one for juice, one for water), my Pilot felt-tip pen in light blue, A4 sized looseleaf writing pads (see photo above), and M&M peanuts. On my short forays into the library or my office, if I do not have these products with me I feel lost, adrift, and quite tearful. And I have another two years of this.

But this Ph.D boardgame is absolutely hilarious. And so, so true.

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