Monday, July 18, 2005

90210 Forever

So I'm watching Ellen this morning while basking in the glow that is finally being back with North American television, and what should be on but an impromptu mini 90210 reunion! Ellen had Luke Perry, Jennie Garth and Brian Austin Green all together in a group hug. Having seen every single episode of Beverly Hills 90210 I was, as you can imagine, on the edge of the couch in excitement.

And then I got thinking - poor Kelly Taylor (played by Jennie Garth)...she really went through a lot. In no particular order:

1. Lost her virginity by being raped.
2. Raped again.
3. Shot and killed her second rapist.
4. Cocaine addiction.
5. Eating disorder.
6. Shot in a drive-by shooting.
7. Amnesia due to shooting.
8. Accidental pregnancy.
9. Miscarriage.
10. Burned in a sorority house fire.
11. Had a stalker.
12. Mother an alcoholic.
13. Father perpetually in jail.
14. More bad news boyfriends than I can count.

Am I missing anything? I suppose I can always consult the Magic 90210 Ball. And the picture above? Had it on my wall when I was 12...around the same time I swore I would name my first-born son Dylan.


Johnny said...

What, no alien abduction?? No wonder I never watched that show.

Ainslie said...

You need to qualify "stalker" with "attempted murder/suicide"...and this posting my dear, is why we're friends! xx.