Saturday, November 05, 2005

Welcome To My Library

Thanks to Robot Johnny I have a new obsession. Now you at home can take a peek into my library with the super cool Library Thing. I've spent the past two nights cataloguing my books - thank god I am doing this after cleaning out my library. Some bibliophiles would view this as sacrilege, but when I moved back into my loft this autumn, I just didn't have enough wall space for the number of bookshelves I would need to house all my books. So the rule was - if I wasn't going to pick up this book again (either because I loved it or still had to read it or would want to refer to something later) I got rid of it.

I'm not quite finished cataloguing my books here and as for the rest of my library which lives on Vancouver Island at my parents' house...well, I'll have to add those at Christmas. Here's my profile.

You will also notice in the sidebar is now a selection of books taken from my library at random (under my All Consuming list). This great little widget updates every twenty minutes. Enjoy snooping!

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Morris said...

I like books too! Maybe we can hookup sometime.

Mr. Morris
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