Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Catalogue Update

While visiting my parents over Christmas, I was able to input the rest of my books into Library Thing. There were 100+ books to input into my catalogue, mostly books that were read over many years of summer vacations and left behind or books from my undergrad and masters degrees that I didn't want to look at for awhile. All of these will eventually make it to my permanent library in Toronto, but bookshelf space in my loft is already lacking.

I didn't input any of my Shakespeare, partly because there are too many individual plays and I got lazy, but also because I hope to purchase a Complete Works sometime soon. I also need to finish tagging the entire library - I love this feature. I can, for example, tag the books I edited and see them on a separate page.

My updated catalogue is here and if you're really obsessive, you can subscribe to it via RSS feed.

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