Monday, May 22, 2006

A Laughing Matter

You know that commercial for Westjet's live satellite tv where everyone on board is laughing at a certain show and there's the one guy who can't find it, so the flight attendant slips him the channel number on a napkin, and all is fun and well in Westjet land?

Well, today I'm flying Westjet back to Toronto and that actual commercial comes on my individual tv screen as I'm watching Days Of Our Lives (soap opera on airplane = whole new level of boredom). I find this funny and chuckle aloud and look around to share the joke with any other Westjetters watching the same channel. But no one laughs along with me - all I receive is a swift kick to the back of my very small seat.

Yet you people laughed at the joke told by the flight attendant that ended with the punch line: "You can't have your kayak and eat it too."

1 comment:

Dawne said...

shiiiiiiiiiiiiit. That could totally be the next commercial?! Maybe it was!?
Way too funny