Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Smashing Records and Getting Smashed

My birthday smashed a whole bunch of heat records. (My mother, of course, insisted that it was just as hot when I was born and I should have tried being nine months pregnant in this kind of heat.) The humidity was unbelievable. Walking outside yesterday I had to continually take off my sunglasses to wipe the condensation off them.

So by the time dinner rolled around and I was celebrating with some friends in a restaurant downtown, we were all thirsty. Very, very thirsty. At the end of the evening, the little plastic giraffes, monkeys, and donkey-type figurines were piled into one of my empty bellini glasses. A friend peered in the glass and said, "Wow. It looks like African Lion Safari in there."

I was blown away by the bazillion cards, flowers, presents, phonecalls, emails and e-cards I received yesterday. It made me feel very loved and very special (sniff!). A huge thank you to everyone!

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