Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thanksgiving and Thanks for BitTorrent

This week I experienced my last first-day-of-school. I used to love this day - new teachers, new classes, seeing friends again, new resolutions. But now I'm just kind of tired. Sure, I enjoyed the school supply shopping, but after 23 first-days-of-school (Montessori through PhD) I'm just about done now. I had my schedule for this year's work approved by my supervisor and to see the actual end in sight is an enormous relief.

I'm flying to Toronto tomorrow for Thanksgiving weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing friends and sleeping in my big queen-sized bed and drinking real filter coffee, but what am I the most excited about? The beginning of the hockey season and the baseball playoffs which are now in full swing.

I acquired a reader's pass to the British Library and have been working there over the past couple of weeks. Imagine a huge room full of at least 200 desks, each one a large size, with comfortable chair and individual light....and a little signal light that flashes when the books you have ordered are ready to be collected. And the best part - even a sneeze will induce looks of death from the silent masses. You really could hear a pin drop in there and I love it.

I have been faithfully downloading the American tv that I can't get over here. Hello Amazing Race. Hello Grey's Anatomy. While it will be nice to watch these shows in real time when I'm in Toronto over the next few days, there is something comforting about crawling into bed with my laptop, turning off the light and having a flickering screen of illegal images send me to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hey dear girl! I am jealous of your Grey's Anatomy moments...I am still in the Irish abyss and so out of the McDreamy loop it hurts. 6 more weeks until I am Canada bound! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, we're trying to have a makeshift one here, and especailly enjoy your Swiss Chalet. Email on your number in London and we'll chat, and maybe have a date sometime before I head out. xx, Ains

Sarah said...

Seriously. McDreamy and Meredith and George are MY FRIENDS. I miss them when they're not around.

And I miss you....a night in Dublin perhaps? xo