Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Things I Currently Love v.3

1. Care packages from friends. Today's included a gorgeous O'Henry Bar that will be saved for a special occasion. This will likely be next weekend's viewing of the latest downloaded episode of Grey's Anatomy.

2. Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, remember that episode from the first season where Izzie went Christmas crazy and irritated everyone else? That is me (already established here). I couldn't wait any longer and put up my very cute Christmas tree, over my equally cute London flat fireplace.

3. The never-ending chapter of my thesis that I have been working on all term will be finished and handed into my supervisor tomorrow. I have become positively paralytic while writing it, so I can already sense the wave of euphoria that will hit tomorrow.

4. I stayed at a friend's place in Kent over the weekend. I woke up to the noise of massive kitchen activity on Sunday morning and when I investigated, I encountered my apron-clad and flour covered friend shouting, "Pancakes! Canadian pancakes!" What a thoughtful treat - complete with maple syrup to boot.

5. More travel planning? Yes! Weekend in Bilbao at the end of January has been booked. One more museum to tick off on my quest for the Guggenheim Grand Slam. (New York, Venice done. Bilbao in January, and hopefully Berlin in March. Hooray!)

UPDATE: Who am I kidding? I've already eaten the O'Henry Bar.


Hilaire said...

What fun! Care packages, travel plans - and best of all, for the moment, submitted dissertation packages. Congratulations on that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the chapter...I was feeling your pain. I cant wait to see pics of the wee tree and equally as precious decos, and dude...took my irish lad to swiss chalet today and thought of you...sooo much better than o'henry! xx ains