Sunday, April 19, 2009

Travel Planning

Waking up to this view when visiting the parents just never gets old. I flew out to the West Coast to have a visit upon their return from 2 months traveling through Chile/South Pacific/New Zealand/Australia/Far East. Lucky bastards.

But upon receiving feedback from my Ph.D supervisor on the 2 penultimate chapters of my thesis, I felt inspired to book my own travel adventure. I had been expecting the feedback to be "You need to re-write everything!" but rather it was "Minimal alteration needed!".

So between my previously arranged girls weekend in Marrakech and a conference I have to attend in the UK, I'm flying into Tirana and out of Santorini. 2 weeks in-between to make my way through Albanian blood feuds, Macedonian monasteries and Greek ouzo.


Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous. greece is reputed to be stunningly lovely in spring. will you be traveling (and blogging about it) more when the phd is done?

Slant said...

I certainly hope so. But that whole pesky "get a job" thing might get in the way somewhat.

My bank account is looking forward to this new development but in this job market, I think it's going to be a lot of freelancing. Which could mean a last-minute-hop-on-a-plane moment or two.

Anonymous said...

are you looking for a job in academia? then there are summers and plenty of opportunities for conference travel... to even more destinations like pittsburgh!