Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Awesome Athens

I really wasn't sure what to expect before arriving in Athens. I think I had envisioned a hot, bothersome city that had been cleaned up thanks to the 2004 Olympics, but was still pretty rough around the edges. But I ended up being completely taken with the city. We lucked out with the weather - hot, but not too hot - which helped. It was perfect for wandering around all day and stopping to cool off in outdoor cafes in all of the gorgeous little courtyards that were dotted around the centre of the city. The shopping was a treat too - see the photograph evidence below. A department store window with fruit, linens and....Longchamp bags! Of course I ended up loving Athens.

We stayed very close to the Acropolis and spent one morning wandering around it. I hadn't imagined that the Parthenon was so large - and so intact. It was also pretty amazing to have the Acropolis as such a towering landmark - anytime we were a bit lost, we just looked up at it to find our bearings.

And apart from all of that...we ate. Oh. My. God. We. Ate.

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