Monday, April 25, 2005

The Life Aquatic

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While I have now lived in the UK for a total of almost two years, there is one place I have never been - the London Aquarium. I love fish, I have a fish, but I have never been to visit these fish. (What finally prompted the visit was seeing the film Closer, part of which is filmed in the aquarium.)

It was amazing - I had never been face-to-face with a shark that was mere inches from me. You can watch the sharks on the aquarium's live webcam. There was even an interactive tank where I stroked a stingray. More photos below!




Chico Enrique Fuentes said...


And tell me true, shark..big shark..mere inches away--did you at any time wish your feet were on a sofa??

Sarah said...

No, but I did wish they were playing the theme music to Jaws...

chico f said...

How can you be so fearless??