Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Going Once, Going Twice...Sold!

freud action
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My rather obsessive hobby was more than satisfied on Saturday when I attended the viewing of the Impressionist and Modern Art and Contemporary Art auctions at Sotheby's in London.

While living in Toronto the past few years, I attended the spring and fall auction viewing at both Sotheby's and Christie's in New York and was firmly hooked by this hobby when I saw the most expensive piece of art in the world. To be able to see this Picasso in a practically empty gallery when it had not been publicly seen in decades (and after being sold may submit to the same fate) was awe-inspiring. Not to mention the gorgeous painting itself.

The pieces that I particularly liked were the Lucian Freud shown above, this small Rothko, this Gauguin still life, and this interesting Warhol/Basquiat collaboration.

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