Thursday, June 16, 2005

Brick Auctions some Sexy Manuscripts


Beginning today, you can own a piece of literary history. Brick is auctioning fifteen original manuscript pages, created expressly for the journal, to the highest bidder on Ebay. You can have on your bedside table, a handwritten page from Margaret Atwood's Oryx and Crake (seen above) or other manuscript selections by writers like A.L. Kennedy, Don DeLillo, Alice Munro, Michael Chabon, Pico Iyer, Marilynne Robinson....the list goes on and on. I actually bid on the Ondaatje manuscript at the Brick 25th Anniversary Party back in 2003 (where Ondaatje sawed a woman in half and Atwood led a gruesome sing-along) but it didn't reach the reserve bid.

If you want to support Brick but don't want to part with so much cash, you can buy a ten-year subscription. Still expensive, I know, but great art is worth it, right?

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