Friday, October 07, 2005

Scared of Dragons? Not Me!

I thought on this rainy Friday I would introduce my favourite childhood book. When I was little, spiders and monsters and other creatures hiding under my bed did not frighten me, but I was petrified of dragons. So my mother went out and bought me this book: There's No Such Thing as a Dragon written and illustrated by Jack Kent.

The story revolves around Billy Bixbee waking up one morning to find a cute, tiny dragon in his bedroom. He tells his mother about the little guy and his mother replies, "There's no such thing as a dragon." The day progresses and every time Billy's mother refuses to acknowledge the dragon it gets a little bigger....until finally the dragon fills the entire house. Crisis strikes when a bakery truck drives by and the dragon runs after it, dragging the house along with him. Finally Billy's mother notices the dragon and he shrinks back to his normal cute size and stays to live with the family. Ahhhhh. And now I'm not scared of dragons.

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