Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday, 10:53pm

Thinking: I can't believe The Bachelor made the boring choice. I liked you Travis. I like you no longer. The kindergarten teacher? Please.

Feeling: Slightly ill due to the amount of mini-eggs I've been throwing back this evening. That the inherent stupidity men carry makes me also slightly ill. Oh Travis.

Wishing: That my thesis chapter was written. That it wasn't a chaotic mess I may soon have to abandon so I don't fall behind my schedule.

Wondering: How long I will be awake tonight, because even though I have been drinking decaffeinated tea, I'm nowhere near sleepy. Also wondering how much, subsequently, I will get to read of the wonderful new novel The Night Watch by Sarah Waters.

Hoping: Moana is the new Bachelorette.


Johnny said...

Moana with an a? Cruel, cruel parents.

Sarah said...

Moh-ah-nah. You definitely would have picked her.

Dawne said...

Seriously! This is the first and now the LAST time I get sucked into the Bachelor thanks to Travis, his choice, and the crazy editing that the crew must have done.
MOANA is obviously better in bed, he'll be sorry.
Kindergarten teacher...puh.