Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Books & Brunch & Sarah Waters

I spent Sunday morning at one of Nicholas Hoare's Books & Brunch series - this one featuring Timothy Taylor, Richard Clewes, a fresh from court Michael Baigent, and the reason I attended - Sarah Waters.

One of the enjoyable things about Books & Brunch is that the authors generally give a talk instead of reading directly from their books. Unless they are incredibly engaging, listening to writers read from their work is often trying, not to mention attempting to do so on a Sunday morning when I haven't had my vat of coffee yet. Waters discussed the avenues of influence that led to the writing of the book - films such as Brief Encounter and the post-war memoirs of women like Bryher. These are the kind of tidbits I love and now I have a new item to add to my film rental list. (My previous review of Waters' The Night Watch is here.)

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