Saturday, August 05, 2006

Now I May Address You

I have been hunting for months for a new address book. My travels over the past little while have been complicated by sheets of paper with addresses on them, that I then lose and have to rewrite for the next trip. And with my impending move to London in a few weeks time, my hunt was taking on a slight tone of desperation.

You see, I'm pretty particular about the kind of address book I use. It has to be small, but not tiny - just a little smaller than postcard size. It has to be divided into A-Z pages, but not have columns on the actual pages. And ideally, it has to close with a band like moleskines do. And behold, I found it today in the brilliant little bookstore Type on Queen West.

Why am I so anal about these things, you ask? I just like what I like. I'm not anal, I'm just precise.

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