Tuesday, December 12, 2006

All About the Holidays

As I took the train back to London after my last meeting with my thesis advisor before the holidays, I cranked up some Bing Crosby Christmas tunes on my ipod. Then I caught myself looking for postmodern metaphors in White Christmas and realized that it was certainly time for a vacation.

One transatlantic flight later (imagine long tirade about Air Canada inserted here...but why waste the energy by actually writing it down) and I arrived to a big hug by my doorman and a dozen beautiful roses from my neighbours sitting in my loft. Slowly catching up with my North American television and have been dealt with by my team. My team, you ask? Hair stylist, pedicurist, dentist....you get the gist. Ahhhh.

Festive cheer with Canadian friends? Loving it. Christmas shopping? Done. Bring on the holiday. Bring it.


Anonymous said...

When you're taking a team break lemme know, we'll rendez vous for some lunch perhaps. I am now free from the Irish lad and ready to rock on Canadian christmas.xx Ains.

Steven W. Beattie said...

Re: "Christmas shopping? Done."

Damn you.