Sunday, December 17, 2006

Blogging From the West Coast

I arrived on the West Coast yesterday. I think Air Canada has some serious hate on for me. After the Heathrow kafuffle, I was expecting some smooth flying yesterday. But there were delays and cancellations and flying standby and then even though I got to Victoria hours late, my suitcase didn't arrive for a further seven hours. No flying for three weeks now makes me a happy camper.

In Toronto a couple of days ago, I met a fellow blogger. As in, I "met" this person through our blogs and had never actually "met" her until this past week. After getting over feeling like it was a blind date, I had a wonderful time. Hilare is just as great in person as she is on the interweb.

This morning I was up early due to jetlag and volunteered to do some groceries for my mother. The shopping list contained the usual suspects and also 2 straight bananas. I have missed my mother.

My only task today is to ice a batch of Christmas cookies. My only task tomorrow is to decorate the Christmas tree and show photographs of Dubai to my grandparents. Lovely.

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