Monday, January 22, 2007

Aussie Open Predictions v.2

I will be a little late getting to the library this morning as I'm still at home watching Murray vs. Nadal live. (BBC is finally showing some tennis.) It is also the second week of the Open, which means that it's time for my winner predictions. Same rules apply: I always wait for the second week of the slam and I don't choose Federer for the men's draw, because that is getting a bit boring.

Last year I chose Tommy Haas, who is again having a good tournament, but I'm going to choose Andy Roddick to win it. He beat Federer finally at the Kooyong Classic a couple of weeks ago and sometimes I think all this guy needs is a little more confidence.

But it's the women's draw that is the fascinating side of the tournament so far this year. Sharapova looks great, but Serena Williams has a much easier side of the draw now that Mauresmo has been knocked out. But, if Kim Clijsters can get by Hingis in the next round, I think she's going to take it. It's her last year on the tour and she seems, subsequently, to be playing with a relaxed, confident stride. So Clijsters and Roddick - let's hope I'm better than the 0 for 2 of last year.

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