Thursday, January 18, 2007

Downward Dog & Giant Cat

A friend scored some tickets to the private viewing of the London Art Fair last night. After several glasses of cheap chardonnay and three hours of intensive art viewing, I was absolutely exhausted. The fair was held in the very neat Business Design Centre in Islington - a huge building that resembles an old train station (arched celings and wide spaces) but is, in fact, the old Royal Argicultural Hall. The amount of art being displayed was overwhelming - a lot of it great, and a lot of it tiresome in only the way contemporary art can manage.

Tonight I began my Christmas present to myself - a new yoga course. My body, which has been in hibernation mode recently, feels stretched and beautifully tired. And I know that yoga is supposed to be all non-judgemental blah blah, but the fact that the instructor was fixing the poses of people around me, and NOT mine, makes me feel super good about myself.

And want to see a photograph that looks like an optical illusion but actually isn't? Meet Oreo - the twenty plus pound cat who has moved into my friends' house.

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