Monday, January 30, 2006

Aloha and Mahalo

A wondrous two weeks in Hawaii. I am relaxed and as tanned as I ever get - just in time to return to the grind (and the winter weather) in Toronto. Highlights were the animals everywhere - the geckoes, mongooses, whales, and sea turtles. I swam with the turtles almost every day on my snorkeling adventures - such huge, gentle creatures. I gorged myself on good novels, tricky crosswords, strawberry daiquiris and chocolate covered macadamia nuts - often at the same time while lying on the beach.

Here are some photographs taken on the trip - though the photograph I most wish I could have taken was impossible. I wanted to point my camera at the night sky and snap away - with no pollution and being in the southern most part of the hemisphere, the stars were truly mind blowing. Better than any planetarium I've ever been in. Click on the photos for a larger version.

Sunrise Over Mauna Kea Sandy Fairmont Orchid 1

Surf's Up Gecko Sunset Over Pacific 1

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